Feel the Mana...

Our signature treatments have been developed through our search to utilize the energy of this special land and the  natural elements of the island to provide a uniquely Hawaiian spa experience 

Classic Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage (60/90 Minutes)  $115/$160

Hot Stone Massage (60/90 Minutes)  $140/$175

Couples Massage (60/90 Minutes)  $220/$310

Deep Tissue Massage (60/90 Minutes) $120/$165

Swedish Massage (60/90 Minutes) $110/$155

DECLEOR Aroma-Massage (60/90 Minutes) $125/$165

Traditional Thai Massage (90 Minutes) $160

Prenatal Massage(60 Minutes) $115

Reflexology Foot Massage (30/60 Minutes) $60/$95

Signature Massage

Wahine Kula (Golden Woman) - 90 Minutes
The golden energy of Kamakahonu will bring harmony to your mind, body and spirit. We begin by exfoliating your legs with Wild Lehua Scrub to reveal softer, more luminous skin. A soothing Lomi Lomi massage to release tension is followed with a Mango Flower Essence infusion and a refreshing rainforest mist. Feel radiant and rejuvenated.

Pohaku (Hot Stone Therapy) - 90 Minutes
Since the days of ancient Hawaii, warm Pohaku (stone) therapy and medicinal plants such as 'awa, ti and ginger have been used to provide a release of tension in mind and body. Utilizing these indigenous plants and Kailua Kona massage techniques, we relax you with a hot stone Lomi Lomi massage. The healing essences of wild Hawaiian Lehua, yellow ginger, and kinetic permeate your skin under the warmth and movement of the stones. A soothing 'Awa scalp massage leaves you with a deep sense of tranquility.

Ko'ele (Treasure of the Sea) - 90 Minutes
Discover secret treasures of the Kona Sea. Begin with an exfoliating Wild Honey Limu Body Scrub. Kona Limu (algae) grown offshore is packed with essential enzymes, minerals and antioxidants. Next, receive a rhythmic Lomi Lomi massage using Big Island Flower Essences and organic massage Kona oils, while golden Ko’ele shells release your tension. Finally an 'Awa scalp massage with Natural Bliss Flower Essence quiets your mind and enhances your deep relaxation.

Decleor Red Island Ritual - 90 Minutes
Rediscover your vitality with soft, silky-smooth and rejuvenated skin inspired by the rich and vibrant nature of the tropics. A body polish using exfoliating fruit seeds, fruit powders, spices and plant oils is followed by a relaxing massage using the purest aromatic balms.

Pua'i Wai (Gift from the King) - 90 Minutes
To draw out tension and body toxins, start with a leg and foot wrap using Hawaiian Mamaki Papaya Essence and volcanic mud. A traditional Lomi Lomi massage moisturizes and relaxes you. Mango and Kinche Flower Essences connects you to the joyous energy of this aina (land). Finish with a mango blossom mist and an 'Awa scalp massage to clear your mind and leave you feeling young and vibrant.

Hawaiian Vitality - 90 Minutes
This upper body treatment begins with a Hawaiian Ginger Honey Scrub to cleanse and exfoliate your back. Coconut, vanilla and lemongrass oils warm the skin and stimulate circulation with a deep tissue massage for back, neck and shoulders. An island 'Awa scalp massage follows, clearing your mind and leaving you relaxed and revitalized.

DECLEOR Aroma-Massage - 90 Minutes
With your choice of 100% pure essential oils, relax in complete comfort. Enjoy specialized Kona massage techniques combined with lush aromatic balms to relieve muscle tension and envelope your senses.


Enjoy an In-Room or Oceanfront massage for an additional $20

Add Hawaiian Rainforest Flower Essences or Aromatherapy to any massage for an additional $10